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I am extremely proud of my students that have reached the prestigious level of black belt. I don't award color belts easily and black belts are far and few in between.

I have been teaching for three decades and the highest black belt that I have awarded is 4th degree.  There are only two students that have reached 3rd degree and  these students have been studying with me a long time.  I've experienced these students grow from pee wee to adult level and from student, to competitor and now instructor level.  Only a select few of my student black belts assist in teaching my classes and private lessons.  It is a rare occasion that I do not teach my scheduled classes and the reason is vacation, illness or an extreme emergency.  I never schedule a private lesson unless I am available to teach.


Following is a list of my black belt students that I have chosen to assist me train students and private clients to their fullest potential.


Joe Colon
4th Degree Black Belt

Joe started his training with me in Tae Kwon Do at the tender age of four and wow was he a handful.  Enthusiastic but wild, we would have to go into the changing room to check on him and make sure he was not swinging from the lockers.  Joe eventually calmed down, got his black belt and when he was around 15 I started teaching him how to box/kickbox.  Joe has competed in a Muay Thai event in 2010 and fought a guy 15 pounds heavier to a draw.  Maybe there's a future for Joe in the sport.  Joe assists me during the Jr. Tae Kwon Do class on Saturdays and spars with many of my private clients.  Joe is also a lifeguard at LA Fitness, a certified personal trainer and has aspirations of being a police officer and a professional martial arts teacher.  

Satie Lekhram
3rd Degree Black Belt

Satie has been my student since she was 13 years old.  At the time Satie started Tae Kwon Do, her twin sister, two older sisters, two nephews, her mom, and her niece all trained at the same time.  Today, she's the only one still training-that's dedication!  Satie assists me during my Jr. Tae Kwon Do class on Saturday.  Satie is a competent instructor with a strong commanding voice.  Satie also spars with my female private clients and she is certainly not afraid of mixing it up with the guys too.  Should the occasion arise, I can rely on Satie to conduct my classes and I have the utmost confidence in her that the job will get done well.

Ryan Lopez
3rd Degree Black Belt

Ryan is a former #1 rated Brown Belt Jr. Competitor in the nation under the North American Sport Karate Association.  Ryan earned his black belt from me at the age of 11.  He was an All Conference Wrestler in his Sr. year of high school.  Currently, he is an active competitor in the Adult Black Belt Division with top four finishes in the tournaments he has competed in.  Now in college, Ryan also teaches Tae Kwon Do and kick boxing professionally for my friend, Mike Lee @Masters Martial Arts in Syosset, NY.  Ryan also assists my Saturday Jr.  Tae Kwon Do class.  Ryan's two younger brothers are also my TKD students.

ERIC SAN JOSE BLACK BELTS: The following students have received Black Belt Dan Certificates from Eric San Jose Martial Arts.

3rd Degree: Sung Jin (Brandon) Kyong • Michele Cerro • Samantha Smith • Alyssa Marie Hogan • Jason Jiho Kim • Matthew Goldberg

2nd Degree: Miguel Angel Cruz • Frank L. Truglio • Stephen Gist • Nicole Kennelly • Stephen Heller • Kevin Elgan • Kimberly Meloni (Vissichelli) • Keith Stevens • Steve Cianciulli • Gianna Vecchio • Pawel Jakubiec • Raena Faye Goldberg

1st Degree: Mike Sitzman • Mike Greiner • Justin Rodriguez • Harry Clark • Erin Grdovich • Barbara Vissichelli • Christopher Lopez • Gladdys San Jose Paguntalan Bourn • Alan Cohen, M.D. • Brandon Genis • Ashley Byrne • Kelsey Goldberg • Slavomir Kizak • Ginny Crippen • Gus Costa • Amira Elgan

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